Khululeka developed the Abangane programme and has developed a detailed training programme to train organisations in the implementation of the Abangane programme

The training consists of eight days;
• 4 days Basic Training for facilitators and supervisors;
• 1 day for Supervisor Training only for supervisors;
• 3 days of Skills Strengthening Training for facilitators and supervisors after the first support group has been implemented. This ensures that there is deep reflection and learning based on actual practice.

Reasons why you should consider including the Abangane programme in your services to Adolescent Girls and Young Women:

  • The Abangane Curriculum is evidence based – if trained staff follow the curriculum and use the selection tool to identify the girls – participants are guaranteed to have lower depression and improved social behaviour.
  • The Abangane Curriculum includes a selection tool that specifically targets teen girls who are feeling depressed about the death of a loved one, feel they have no one to talk to, have a chronically ill adult living at home, and want to participate in a grief support group. This very targeted approach leads to a good use of limited resources.
  • Both Global Fund and USAID Southern Africa have recognised Abangane as a group based intervention for AGYW and it is currently being rolled out by HIVSA, Future Families and NACOSA. Abangane is an important layer of services to beneficiaries to acknowledge grief and loss, tackle mental health and promote coping skills.

After training 125 HIVSA facilitators, survey results show: