Khululeka offers the following free tools which are particularly useful in facilitating conversations about grief

Exploring feelings associated with loss, and particularly death can be very difficult. It might even be that we have hidden these feelings inside ourselves and so we have to go and look for them. Sometimes the feelings are very strong, sometimes we do not even know the words for how we feel. Often people find it helpful to use pictures or stories to explain how they feel. One picture or story that is useful is the Whirlpool of Grief.
It is a universal human experience that after someone we love passed, we wish that we could have had the opportunity to still say something to them.
The Freedom Bird provides this opportunity to say goodbye or to give your last message.

The message is written or drawn on the bird and decorated. The birds are released in a symbolic ceremony of imagining how it flies to the person who passed and they read the message. The bird can also be placed on the grave or in the coffin, or burnt – letting the ash blow away in the wind.

The Trust Bus explores the question of trust and who we trust and what makes someone trustworthy.

Children are asked to draw the faces of those people that they feel they can trust in the windows of the Trust Bus.

This is an exercise to help children and youth to know what it is that they are feeling, so that these feelings can be addressed.